Making Treaty 7 Cultural Society

What we do with Making Treaty 7 Cultural Society

With Making Treaty7, it is our honour and privilege to work among their team of incredible community leaders and help them use social media for their Indigenous-led education. Our goal is to assist in the promotion of the amazing opportunities they have to offer to Southern Alberta and bring their strong brand voice to the world. They included us in their social media marketing strategy to have full control of their social engagement and ad campaigns.

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What we do with Caiton Farms

The Church Family are not only our client but our dear friends. They are a family operated Agriculture business, looking to blow the roof off the industry with innovations for the agricultural business sector, and science-based advances in nutrition for livestock! They brought in Build-My-Brand Consulting to start their social media marketing journey and create a trusted brand voice for their industry.


As a business owner and farm manager my entire life, I want to extend recognition to Ayla as an experienced and knowledgeable social media guru. I want to point out her undeniable commitment to a project she engages in, her enthusiasm and energy to become completely engaged in understanding the scope of the task at hand and, but not the least, her ability to work with a computer knowing the entire social platform inside and out.

 We at Caiton farms are proud and excited to have Ayla as part of or team. From sounding board to social media posting she is a value to us in every way! 

Eau Claire Media

What we do with Eau Claire Media

Keith is an incredible website designer that brings so much knowledge of website design and SEO, and we bring the social media aspect to the digital marketing strategy. We collectively decided to join forces and offer a wider range of services with the main common goal; watching our clients succeed in the online world! Now, Build-My-Brand Consulting looks after any and all of Keith’s social media needs, and Eau Claire Media provides our business with the most aesthetically pleasing website design!


As a company We had been dealing with our Social Media Marketing from the beginning, over 6 years ago.  Even though I think we had a good idea of what we were doing I had been doing a really poor job of it.  One of the issues that we had was just finding the time to do it.
We met Ayla from Build My Brand on a project where we were doing the web work and the web marketing and BMB was doing the social media work.
We weren’t even half way through the first meeting when I decided that we needed her to take over our Social Media Marketing.
Since she’s taken it over our Social media presence has grown immensely in all the different types of media. I have nothing but great things to say about her and the company and strongly recommend them for any of your social media needs.